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Explorer Level One Boston!




with Master Points Of YOU facilitator - Peter Simmonds.

"You are your own greatest teacher. Learn to trust your internal source of wisdom" - Tamara Levitt

Shift perspectives and open hearts, including your own. Coach, train, and facilitate life-changing conversations and transformative programs. Create experiences that have the participants at the heart of learning, and allow individuals, teams, and groups to flourish without you in the room!


Points Of YOU methods and tools are a must-have for your one-on-one session, workshops, retreats, meetups, and self-discovery journeys.

Welcome to the Points of You® world. This workshop is your opportunity to take a short pause from life, taste and experience our tools and method for the first time.


In Explorer Program (L1), you will reflect and gain clarity on a meaningful topic in your life, try out a new kind of dialogue with yourself and others, and add an effective new skill for your professional toolkit. 

Learn about Self Coaching: The Coaching Game

Learn more about Points of You: What is Points Of YOU

Who is it for?

All kinds of professionals! From coaches and trainers, to psychologists, counselors, social workers, facilitators, and teachers. A unique and surprising experience for anyone who would like to expand their professional toolkit and bring in a new kind of dialogue.

What Will You Learn?

Step Into the Points of You® World

Get to know the world and concepts of Points of You®

Experience the Power of Phototherapy

Get familiar with phototherapy and see how visual imagery can be used to bypass cognitive filters and give easier access to imagination, intuition, resources, and the unconscious.

Zooming In with The Coaching Game

An eye-opening exercise that demonstrates how physical and mental movement can shift your point of view. Reflect on what’s present and what’s missing in life, and gain clarity about what you would like to invite.

My Story with Punctum

Get to know creative ways to retell your personal life story by creating your own photo album. Obtain surprising and deep observations that will change the way you perceive your boundaries and potential.


Discover the Power of Layout Charts

Explore the different ways you can use structured process layout charts, as a tool for reflection and mapping thoughts and emotions.

This workshop is Level 1 of our Academy and grants you the official title - Points of You Explorer. It is an ICF Accredited program, with CCEs, provided upon completion.

Level One Dates:

  • Thursday, June 20, 2024

Location: Clippership Wharf, East Boston, MA.

*Closest hotel for those traveling from out of town: Hilton Boston Logan



  • $799 per person: includes both tools (The Coaching Game & Punctum)

*Coffee, tea, snacks, and lunch provided.​

If Boston or these dates do not work for you, explore other opportunities here!

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