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The Gifts of YOU Upstate New York!


with Master Points Of YOU facilitators - Peter Simmonds and Joe Carapella.

"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match YOUR nature WITH nature." - Joseph Campbell

Our minds, hearts, guts, bodies, spirits, and the universe have all the answers for us, but do we pause to listen?


..and if the greatest gift of a lifetime is "being who we are," what has us expend energy on fighting or resisting our core gifts? 


If you are curious to unapologetically bring more of yourself to your life, with courage and optimism, this retreat will change your life.


If you already do,  this retreat will reaffirm your ability to embody your core gifts in everything you do with clarity and with some important surprises on the way.

The Gifts of YOU” is an immersive and transformative retreat for professionals, coaches, and anyone committed to deepening relationships with themselves and others to:

• Reconnect with who you are at your core, with no persona

• Rediscover your gifts, passions, and strengths, both obvious and hidden. 

• Connect with choices to see and explore the change you want to see in yourself 

• Intentionally create possibilities to live the life you were meant to live


This heart-centered retreat will offer a unique combination of creative learning tools from the “Points of You” program to expand your perspectives and knowledge of yourself. You will experience and share multiple guided processes using music, sound, photos, and journalling to expand your personal and professional horizons.


You will be able to create your own path of exploration:

• With your fellow participants - in a safe, supportive environment where everyone can listen without bias, giving opinions, or offering advice.

• On your own - creating the space to be with yourself with opportunities for self-reflection


After the retreat, you will be able to build your community that knows, understands, and supports you with ongoing accountability to achieve your dreams.


Date: November 17-19, 2023

Location: Easton Mountain, Upstate New York.

Cost per room: The amount below indicates the full price of the retreat, specific to your accommodation choice:

  • Private room: $1,699 (single person)

  • Shared room: $2,699 (2 people sharing) - Couples welcomed :)


  • 2 Nights accommodation.

  • All meals are provided throughout the duration of the retreat stay.

About Points Of YOU:

We use methods, programs, and tools designed to shift perspectives and open hearts, including your own. We facilitate life-changing programs and conversations using immersive methods & tools that you can be trained to recreate at home and at work.

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