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Mindful Leadership Binh Duong, Vietnam!



with Master facilitators - Peter Simmonds

For the overachievers out there: Your mantra is likely, "What else can I do today?" Consider replacing that for a week with, "What can I do less of today?" and see what happens. - Tad Hargrave

People in leadership positions have a hard time. leadership is not an easy feat and we often believe that in order to be effective we have to move faster to gain a competitive edge - do more.


But, what if the opposite were true?


What if you were able to gain a competitive edge - by actually slowing down, taking a pause, and doing nothing?


What do I become then? 

The Mindful Leadership Retreat - is an immersive and transformative, weeklong retreat for people working with people. Leaders, directors, partners of CEOs of any size business or team, and any organizational professional committed to deepening perspectives and understanding on how they can lead with less stress, and optimum originality and effectiveness.

We will invite you to slow down and become more effective. 


Sounds counter-intuitive, right? You might be thinking:

“What world do you live in?”

“Who has the time?”

“If I don’t produce faster results, and get it all done, it’s game over for me!”


Well, here’s a secret the most successful leaders know – Taking a step back to become more mindful, will propel you forward - faster than you can ever imagine -  in a way that will change the way you view yourself, your teams, and your leadership!

“Mindful Leadership” is a transformative, weeklong program intentionally designed for leaders who want to create more impact and turbocharge their leadership capabilities - to help their companies gain a competitive edge, with a lot less stress!.

We support leaders to see the wider variety of choices they have, to create the world around them, to find spark energy within themselves, and to operate from a mindfully empowering human-first perspective in their leadership.

During this program, you will be able to gain greater awareness and achieve absolute clarity by exploring these immersive topics:

  • Who am I as a leader?

  • What impact do I want to create?

  • What are my core gifts and strengths?

  • What is my story?

  • What do I stand for?

  • How, can I clearly convey it?

  • How do I want to spark energy in others?


You will be able to create your own path of mindful exploration to find the answers:

  • With your fellow participants - in a safe, supportive environment where everyone can listen without bias, giving opinions, or offering advice.

  • On your own – using Reflective Mindset Tools to effectively create the space to be with yourself.


After the retreat, you will be able to build a community that knows, understands, and supports you with ongoing accountability to achieve your dreams!


Location: An Lam Retreats Saigon River, Binh Duong, Vietnam (nearest airport SGN)

Cost: The amount below indicates the full price of the retreat, specific to your accommodation choice:


  • All creative tools for self-coaching (journal, coaching game, punctum, faces, and flow).

  • 4 Nights accommodation.

  • All meals are provided throughout the duration of the retreat stay.


  • An Lam Retreats Saigon River will be accessed by boat. We will provide 2 pick-up options to the hotel on the first morning of the retreat

*Participants also have the option to arrange transportation independently.

  • Training will end between 4-5pm on last day of the retreat, so we recommend not flying out until the day after.

  • Alternative airport hotel recommendation: The Myst, Dong Khoi.

We encourage all participants who are traveling across time zones, to arrive a few nights before the retreat commences to manage jet lag. If you would like to extend your stay beyond the days of the retreat, just let us know and we'd be happy to put you in touch with the resort to receive the discounted group rate.

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