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Re-Awaken the Real You Oceanside, California!




with Master Points Of YOU facilitator - Peter Simmonds.

"The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why." - Mark Twain

We all know the first day, but do you know the second?

If you don't, then this retreat could change your life. If you do, this retreat will deepen your ability to embody the real you in everything you do.

Re-Awaken the Real You” is an immersive and transformative, weeklong retreat for professionals, coaches, and anyone committed to deepening relationships with themselves and others to:

• Reconnect with who you are at your core, with no persona

• Rediscover and wake up a passion that lies deep within yourself

• Overcome the barriers to creating the change you want to make

• Intentionally create possibilities to live the life you were meant to live


This heart-centered retreat will offer a unique combination of creative learning tools from the “Points of You” program to expand your perspectives and knowledge of yourself. You will experience and share multiple guided processes using music, sound, photos, and journalling to expand your personal and professional horizons.


You will be able to create your own path of exploration:

• With your fellow participants - in a safe, supportive environment where everyone can listen without bias, giving opinions, or offering advice.

• On your own - creating the space to be with yourself with opportunities for self-reflection


After the retreat, you will be able to build your community that knows, understands, and supports you with ongoing accountability to achieve your dreams.


For the choiceful few, you have the option to continue a certification journey to take what you learn, pay it forward in your lives and careers, and become an active part of a global tribe, opening hearts and minds.

"Maybe you went through it and experienced it just so you can help someone else make it through."

Location: Oceanside, CA (nearest airport SAN)

Cost: $5,999 (pay in full upon registration)


  • All creative tools for self-coaching (journal, coaching game, punctum, faces, and flow).

  • 4 Nights, ensuite private room.

  • Breakfast and lunch Monday - Friday, and a Thursday evening cocktail celebration.

About Points Of YOU:

We use methods, programs, and tools designed to shift perspectives and open hearts, including your own. We facilitate life-changing programs and conversations using immersive methods & tools that you can be trained to recreate at home and at work. It is an ICF Accredited program, with CCEs, provided upon completion, and Points of You, Level 2, Practitioner Certification. For individuals becoming certified as a Points Of You practitioner, you will receive all necessary program guides and certification materials to achieve your Practitioner Certification in this program.

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